Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Change in scope

I've decided to tone it down a little bit with this blog. It kind of sucks the enjoyment out of this game, always having to make sure i have a net connection when i play, and good lighting conditions, and my camera at the ready. I was really looking forward to this game and i think from now on i'll only post text posts and not in any kind of regular pattern.

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Thursday, 15 October 2009

[Jubilife City] 11:01

After realising you need Surf to make the most of Oreburgh Gate, i've headed back to Jubilife, where i've been reliably informed by that detective guy that the Global Terminal is open. I've got the Memo Pad app too, seems cool.

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[Oreburgh Gate] 010:50

Found this extra area north of the main Oreburgh Gate. The rock smash animation is quite cool. I picked up the poke ball you can see, it contained a Flash TM! I guess Flash isn't an HM in this version then... I've noticed the TM numbers seem to be a lot higher here, there must be a lot more than in Gen I-III.

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[Oreburgh City] 010:40

My rival appeared after the gym battle. He gave me directions to the next place, which was nice of him! Looks like i'm off to Eterna City.

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[Oreburgh City] 010:35

Finally i've beaten him! Mainly courtesy of my Level 22 Machop. The rest of my squad consists of a Level 16 Kadabra, a Level 15 Magikarp, a level 12 Chimchar, a level 10 Starly and a level 5 Geodude.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

[Oreburgh Mine] 010:25

After a fairly long break from the game and a lot of grinding, i've finally got to the stage where i can evolve my Abra. In other news, i've also got my Magikarp to the right level where it can learn Tackle. Now off to face Roark properly! I should have no problem beating him now, armed with my Level 2¹Machop!

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